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Who am I?

My name is Cuong Tran. I call myself a Creative Professional mainly because I wear many different hats. My main love is Design, Animation, and web Development. But I also illustrate, edit video, shoot video, audio engineering, email development, testing and analytics. I pride myself for being a company money saver when it comes to creative services. 

So how can I do so much? I love learning. Simple as that. 

My early days

I came to America 1994 as an immigrant. It was rough in the beginning, my mother and I had to overcome culture shock, a language barrier, as well as putting me through school. My mom was 18 at the time. Women and her child in a new country all by themselves. 

What I learn from my mother was the ability to be flexible, persevere through struggles life gave us.


Here is a bit of my work. I consider myself as a Creative Professional because I studied many aspects of the creative process. Design, animation, photography and development. Heck, I’ll even throw in dance lessons too if your interested in that.

Contact me

Are you interested in working with me or booking me for a project? Drop a message with this form. Looking forward to innovating with you.❤️