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Keandre Jones Love Illustration

About the project

Keandre reached out to me through social media in 2017. I think he saw my work from somewhere or word of mouth must have reached him because he lives closer to the south of the US than where I am at. He was amazing to work with and his wife was charming. It’s so cool to see a couple so, in love, it’s inspiring. Makes me think of how lucky I am to have my wife.

I started this process with a few sketches until both Keandre and I liked the one we decided on. I took reference photos to make sure I know how the anatomy of the a hand on the piano looks like. I don’t normally play music. From there I painted in photoshop until the finished color version you see there. I am very picky about the projects I work on with clients. Keandre told me his love for music and his love go hand in hand. I’m a hopeless romantic so I agreed to paint this up for him. They really loved it and I enjoyed painting it for them.

Keandre Jones Family