Work Hard Play Hard vol. 1

Street Style Dance Crew

Work Hard Play Hard vol. 1

[ICNH] presents its first installment of [Work Hard Play Hard].

This is an event that we created encouraging growth within our community. Our goal is to bring more knowledge and history to our scene while having fun at the same time.

This event will feature a variety of dancers each hosting a workshop based off of what they do best.



Phoenix Rising Dance Studios 5122 E. 65th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220

Time Slots:
Choreography w/ SirLimitless
6pm-7:30pm(Room A)

Breakin w/ Flexum 6pm-7:30pm(Room B)

Whaacking w/ Xcentric 7:30pm-9pm(Room A)

Popping w/ Kid Boogie 7:30pm-9pm(Room B)

Workshop 5: 9pm-10:30pm

Teachers will be announced here shortly, so pay attention to the page!

(Details and time slots subject to change)

Price: $15 This is a flat rate that gives you access to any workshop.

After the workshops, it’s time to have some fun! After party @ 31svn studio! Multiple cypher king/queen awards will be given out!

There’s gonna be a lot of movin going on this night so be prepared!

Message us if you have any questions!

Kid Boogie

We got knowledge from the west coast coming at ya! Going down at 7:30 will be a popping workshop with Kid Boogie!

– Dancing since 99, Kid Boogie has learned from the OGs in the popping scene. Gathering knowledge from Boogaloo Sam, Pop n Taco, Skeeter Rabbit, Suga Pop, and more!

Over the span of his dancing career Kid Boogie has competed, judged, and taught around the world.

His workshop will be going over popping techniques, fundamentals, boogaloo, and more!

Time to add some funk to the evening! Don’t miss a chance to learn from this guy!


Going down at 7:30 will be a whaacking workshop with Xcentric!

– Dancing for over two decades X has become a well known figure in the midwest dance scene. His style, teachings, and humble approach have helped in establishing the whaacking scene in the midwest.

A member of The Millennium Robots, Venus Fly Crew, and Digital Nativez X-centric has traveled over seas and throughout the US bringing his funky style with him.


“Its not just flailing your arms about like an advertisement for a used car lot, Whaacking has character and that character is Punking. We look over different ways to accent character while Whaaking to develop a more refined style of your own.”

Anyone planning on learning from this guy, you’re in for a treat!

Bboy Flexum

Going down in the other room @ 6pm will be a breakin workshop with Bboy Flexum!

-Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and also a Central Valley native. Been dancing at the age of 12 and now has 24 years on his belt.
Representing Knuckleheads Cali, Furious Styles, Full Force, 5150, StarChild La Rock, Frenimes and dancing in the world famous Jabbawockeez show in La Vegas.

Known thorough out the world to be a funny but powerful dancer from big moves to original style and above all, musicality. Musicality being the strongest resource due to all the years of being around Poppers, House dancers and bboys. I’d like to say its all mixed into one.

Been invited to so many events such as Redbull BcOne, Redbull King of the Ring Canda, Redbull BeatRiders, Battle of the Year finals in Germany, Freestyle Session, OutBreak, IBE, BboyHodown, R16 and has been all over the world to compete, judge and teach workshops.

Workshop is called Move Within a Move. Going over musicality, concepts, patterns, footwork, and moves.

Now as an ambassador of the dance, goes around the world teaching the youth and showing them the powerful ways Dance can be positive in their lives. From staying away from trouble, drugs, and utilizing it in their everyday life.


Kicking things off at 6pm will be indys own SirLimitless!

– Austin “Sirlimitless” Day is a hip hop dance artist who has crafted his unique brand of urban movement over the past 15 years. The Indianapolis native has danced on stages with LMFAO, Madonna and Big Boi along with performing for Nike and the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show.

Sirlimitless represents ALKEMY COLLECTIVE and fuses staccato textures, isolations and powerful grooves to produce standout choreography.

SirLimitless will be teaching a choreographed piece. If you’ve taken a workshop from him before you know the kind of energy this guy brings! If you haven’t, you don’t wanna miss out!

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