Meet Skrypture

Street Style Dance Crew

Meet Skrypture

Hey my name is Derric aka skrypture.
My Krump journey started back when I started watching Tight Eyex, Tommy the Clown, Ryat and a couple others in the early 2000s. In high school I went by black genesis or shadow, I would be at my moms house in the backyard practicing, going over some friends houses and start clowning. I started taking it serious towards the end of high school when I was part of my first group Legaxy which was a step/freestyle dance crew! Had a couple members Damon Williams and Jordan Wright(R.I.P. Jester) EST. 2009. After that I was introduced to Ish and he told me about a session that was going on west with Devonte, Sparxx, Aasin, Noise, and Jhaylin. At first when I was learning the more up to date stuff in Krump and thought the old style plus a little boxing would work, but learned later that wasn’t it haha. Over the years I would train and train meet new people who taught me something’s at IUPUI , breathing techniques, different movements, levels and so on.

The reason I wanted to learn Krump was, it’s not just an exercise, but an expression to my life. It has gotten me out of darker times like what many have depression and anxiety. I don’t only Krump for myself, but to show others no matter how big you are you can do anything. I wanted to show my family that I could do something I love in my life. Also wanted to grow in dance. Til this day I look back at all I been through with this dance and I don’t regret one step. Sometimes you mess up, but you grow from it. Sometimes you don’t know what to do, but you grow from it and where I’m at now I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Krump is me and I am Krump. What I tell people keep pushing and let no one get you down!


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