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Texture tutorial by Koi Roi When setting up a performance or a freestyle dance, texture should be one of the most important things to come to mind. For a regular person it gets boring to watch the same thing over and over and over for a long extended amount of time. What’s really impressive and entertaining to watch is a change of unexpectancy in your round. Texture is a vital element that can help elevate
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The beginning of my dance journey started at a dance party at gencon, a board gaming convention in Indiana. As an art student obviously I wanted to be around amazing artists and get inspired by the exhibition Hall as well as artist alley. I remember bringing my sketchbook to gencon every single year as well as volunteering there and artist alley for at least three years before this moment happened. After the second day of
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Hey my name is Derric aka skrypture. My Krump journey started back when I started watching Tight Eyex, Tommy the Clown, Ryat and a couple others in the early 2000s. In high school I went by black genesis or shadow, I would be at my moms house in the backyard practicing, going over some friends houses and start clowning. I started taking it serious towards the end of high school when I was part of
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Have you ever heard the term making your dance look easy? It’s incredibly hard to do especially when you are under a lot of pressure at a dance battle or a performance event. We’ve been trying to figure out how to make our dance look easy for years and one thing we came into the conclusion of is something as simple as just smiling while you dance. I know it sounds really simple to do,
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Popping Lessons @koioutofwater Hip hop Lessons @big_skipp ICNH has always been about giving back to our community. We have been training for years without teachers or anyone willing to give us any time of day to get pointers on our dance. We know what it’s like to want to improve but not really understanding how. So we’ve decided to start giving away some of the knowledge that we’ve learned over the years. When teaching others,
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