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Young Cuong and his Mother at a bus stop

An Immigrant with a dream

My early days

Being born in Vietnam had many struggles. There was a language barrier. The cultural shock. I had to overcome many challenges in my life. It taught me to be patient, resourceful, hopeful. The compassion developed over the years drives me to truly care about the people I am around.

Who am I?

I'm a loving husband, a caring father, a cool brother, and an Asian who loves to dance. There are so many layers to me you can probably cook a giant pot of onion soup. I love to help people get better at what they do. I love sharing what I know and I love learning!

People I've worked with

Latest Projects

Here is some of the projects I’ve been working on. You can see the rest on my portfolio page.

Cuong Illustration

Holla at ya boi! I'm kidding, I'm not that hip.

Hey there, I hope you know me a little better now. Can we be friends? Send me an email so we can meet up for coffee.