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Why I became an Artist

When I tell people my story, they always tell me how inspirational it is. So I decided to make a video out of it. Hope you enjoy my journey to america story.


Since the boom of the internet, marketing your business through the internet can seem overwhelming. Don't worry, I'm here to help. I've got almost a decade of experience in digital marketing, web development, and design. I can turn your idea into a profitable product. 


As business owners, you need graphics that represent you and your company. I act as a guide that will listen to what you need and direct your vision to a graphical destination.


From 2d cartoons to motion graphics, I can translate your story into an engaging animated video enabling you to communicate your idea effectively. Let me show your story to the world through beautifully illustrated animations.


I like to use a project management system which helps me keep track of the project progression. I will set you up with email notifications that will let you know when I complete a task. Total transparency throughout the life of our project.


Mostly Dance Videos and Motion Graphics


I like to use as many programs as it take to get the job done the fastest. 
Some programs I use are illustrator and photoshop. But theres also 
Adobe experience designer, Affinity designer, Clips Studio. 


Thanks you for working with me. I truly appreciate you.


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